Complete with LS-DYNA, LS-PrePost,
LS-OPT, LSTC ATD and Barrier Models.

1. LS-DYNA’s, fully integrated, strongly coupled, solvers for
     extensive multiphysics capabilities are all inclusive.
2. All LS-DYNA Solvers are included, no additional fees.

I will need the following information via email.

email subject line - "Demo Request"
email mailed to Marsha
   (Yes, I am using my horse site email for demo's)

1. Full Name
2. Company, University, or if it is for self.
3. Address - STATE - COUNTRY
4. email address
5. Application (this is optional but interesting to me)
6. Any comments, ideas, I would be pleased to know

We also offer a study version for engineers/students
US annual $100 for 10,000 elements 6 months $50
US annual $200 for 20,000 elements 6 months $100

1. We have a monthly pdf FEA Information
     Engineering Solutions - technical, no ads
2. If you do not wish to receive it, let me know.
3. If you would first like to see a copy please let me know.

If I can assist in any way helping you to get set up
with LS-DYNA I will be pleased to help.

Best Regards, Marsha -FEA Information
Horse site: