Software  - Livermore Software Technology (LSTC) located in Livermore, CA develops the following suite of software

LS-DYNA: known worldwide as the most advanced general purpose nonlinear finite element program - capable of simulating complex real world problems. Implicit, Explicit, SMP and MPP imbedded in one code. LS-DYNA is optimized on all platforms and can also run on MPP platforms - Unix, Linux and PC based.
LS-PrePost: an advanced interactive program for preparing input data for LS-DYNA and processing the results from LS-DYNA analyses. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. All data and menus are designed in a logical and efficient way to minimize number of mouse clicks and operations. LS-PrePost runs on all Unix/Linux workstations and MS Windows computers utilizing the OpenGL graphics standard to achieve fast rendering and XY plotting.
LS-OPT: allows the user to structure the design process, explore the design space and compute optimal designs according to specified constraints and objectives. The program is also highly suited to the solution of system identification problems.

The graphical tool LS-OPTui interfaces with LS-DYNA and provides an environment to specify optimization input, monitor and control parallel simulations and post-process optimization data as well as viewing multiple designs using LS-PrePost
LS-DYNA Dummy Models: Crash test dummy models simulate the human body response related to crash impact. Due to the importance of dummy models in a number of fields and the need for full scale, low cost, availability to their LS-DYNA users, LSTC is developing dummy models for LS-DYNA Users.